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It also is crucial for landlords renting to keep in mind that tenants have a duty to pay rent on time see. A.R.S. § 330-1314. Tenants that fail to pay their land rent will often get 3 warnings then owners start the eviction proceedings . There not a Arizona provision law that allows a tenant to not pay or hold back rent because the landlord is being “rude” or ” not nice” to a tenant. Except explained below will be the only time a land renter in AZ can not pay there rent for land.

Tenants and landlords need to protect their rights by keeping “proof” AKA copies of all land payments and notices/requests/promises exchanged between tenant and landlord for the land. Tenants are advised to have their landlords put all agreements in a writing signed and dated by the landlord. Its recommended that you the tenant or tenants take videos and photos of the rental units if a dispute seems likely later down the line. Have your people come over to serve as witnesses both when they move in and when they move out as well as immediately if and when any problem arises it can be hadled professionally.

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